Project description

The IED (Industrial Emissions Directive) has established more stringent maximum pollutant emission levels for boilers. To meet these new values, Boiler 1K2 required retrofitting with a new flue gas treatment (deSOx) systems. In a tender a semi-dry desulfurization process was chosen based on the NID modular technology from ALSTOM.

The core of this FGT system is a single NID-C module, integrating a reactor duct with a bag filter. The desulfurization process takes place in the reactor duct, where the boiler flue gas is injected with a sorbing agent and a recirculated post-deSOx reaction product. Next, the boiler flue gas is diverted to a bag filter to strip it of solids. The sorbing agent and the finished post-deSOx product are stored in tanks. An induced draught fan, controlled by a frequency converter, is installed to overcome the flue gas flow drag in the FGT system. The FGT system features a number of auxiliary systems for process water, compressed air, fluidizing air, sealing air, and post-deSOx product handling. The FGT system equipment is powered with electricity from a dedicated switchboard. The FGT system controlled by a BC 50 power generation unit system.

Project implementation progress

The Project implementation was launched on 17/11/2014; when completed, the FGT equipment passed a commissioning run, followed by a test run of the FGT system. On 23/11/2015, the entire FGT system was released for operation.

Project execution achievements

The Project work was completed on schedule, as regulated in the Project Contract concluded with the General Contractor. 

Project results

The effects of the Project completed to retrofit Boiler 2K with the FGT system were the achievement of the pollutant emission levels which follow:

– SOX < 180 mg/Nm3;

– particulates < 15 mg/ Nm3.


Veolia Energia Poznań ZEC S.A.

61-016 Poznań

Ul. Energetyczna 3


The Project was co-financed with the funds from the Norway Grants 2009-2014 under Operational Programme PL04, Saving energy and promoting renewable energy sources.