Project description

The modernisation of the existing Drypac flue gas desulphurisation system was conducted to adjust it to the new emission standards under the IED Directive.

The scope of works included the modernisation of:

Reactor – absorber – installation of new spray lances with the installation of a compressed air buffer tank used for atomisation of the reaction suspension. Modification of solid product collection and transport from the absorber was carried out, as well as modification of flue gas guides at the inlet to the absorber.

Bag filter – replacement of all baskets and bags to improve filtration properties. Also, the final product transport system has been upgraded.

Works also included modernisation of the installation for sorbent preparation, transport and dosing.

In order to assure appropriate desulphurisation process, additional measurement points have been installed. In the control system, new control algorithms have been input, and the desulphurisation process has been optimised by selection of new process parameters.

Advancement of implementation

Modernisation works at the facility were started on 19 August 2014.  After works completion, start-up of the equipment was performed, as well as test operation finished with a successful result on 08 December 2014.  On 15 December 2014, the flue gas desulphurisation system was handed over for use.

Achievements during project implementation

The works covered by the project were carried out according to the schedule contained in the contract with the Contractor.  Short execution time was imposed by the production plans for unit No. 3.

Results of the project

 The modernisation has brought about the result of achieving the emissions parameters at the following level:

– SOX below 190 mg/Nm3

– dust content below 15 mg/Nm3.

Contact data

Veolia Energia Poznań ZEC S.A.

61-016 Poznań

Ul. Gdyńska 54


The project was co-financed from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009 – 2014. 


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